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3 Month Clean Eating Challenge

Are you sick of the yo-yo diets and the latest quick fixes? SO AM I! Maybe you’ve tried to lose weight in the past, tried calorie counting, point scoring, meal replacement shakes and monitoring food Syns?

HeLo Health’s 3 Month Clean Eating Challenge involves none of this, I believe in a unique, longer lasting alternative. By removing processed and artificial foods and by switching to a clean eating diet, you will undoubtedly lose weight and look and feel better in just 3 months.

My 3 month clean eating challenge is designed to set you on the road to changing your lifestyle and the way you look at food for good. I promise that the challenge will change your relationship with food for the better. You’ll never go back to those awful fad diets again!

Our Clients Our Clients

3 month clean eating's much more than that! It's life changing! I understand nutrition for myself and my family. My mental health is better than ever. I have lost 42 inches of fat and have made real friends with Louise and Hedi as well as a network of supporters and like minded people. This challenge is just that - a challenge - but one I will forever be grateful for! It's not easy, it is worth it and I will never look back! Thank you so much for everything xxxx

Benefits of Clean Eating

A clean eating diet has many positive effects. Thousands of people who have changed their lifestyle with HeLo Health have noticed improvements in their physical and mental well-being. These include:

  • Weight loss
  • Drop in body fat
  • More energy
  • Younger looking skin
  • More alert and greater concentration
  • More confidence
  • Better moods
  • Healthier skin
  • Better sleep patterns

Benefits to your health

Many others who have joined HeLo Health have claimed that a clean eating diet has dramatically helped with these ailments:

  • IBS
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eczema
  • Rosacea
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Insomnia

Who can do it?

Everyone! If you’re a vegetarian, I have plenty of gorgeous recipes along with some suggested clean eating meal planners. Perhaps you’re cooking for a family? I know how annoying it can be to have to cook separate meals if you’re on a particular diet. But the beauty of clean eating is that it’s a way of life which the whole family can eat and enjoy together, just ask my kids!

If you’re not confident with cooking or don’t feel like you’ve got the time or money to spend on recipes that look expensive then don’t worry! I have created beautiful, delicious recipes using clean ingredients that are available to buy from practically every supermarket at low prices.

My recipes are simple and quick to make. Members of the HeLo Health community are often amazed at just what they can produce using some key basic clean ingredients!

What’s involved?

Every month on the first of each month you are invited to take up my 3 Month Clean Eating Challenge.

HeLo Health have prepared a guide of over 120 pages which is full of hints and tips as well as plenty of quick and easy clean eating recipes. The guide contains a suggested clean eating shopping list, a clean eating meal planner as well as explaining the clean eating basics.

This guide contains only suggestions and you are of course welcome to try out your own meals and recipes as long as they follow my basic clean eating rules. Challengers often find that the simple and quick to prepare clean eating recipes are something which the whole family can enjoy.

When you purchase this guide for the special promotional price of £49.99, you will join an exclusive Facebook group where HeLo Health founder Louise is on hand to offer constant advice and support.

Once the 3 month challenge is over, there will be an ongoing monthly charge of £9.99 for personal support and advice relating to clean eating, fitness and exercise from HeLo Health. This will be collected by direct debit unless you choose to opt out of the plan.

Terms & conditions apply.

Our Clients Our Clients

The advice and support from Hedi and Louise has been invaluable in my journey. During the first Challenge I lost over 3 stone in total. I have completed another challenge since and I am now 4 stone down from my starting weight. I live an almost completely clean life style and many of the challenge rules have stuck and become normal in my life. I exercise more, I eat better and I can not say how important the learning and support of the challenge has been in that. I will never return to old habits, eating clean is easy when you know how and adapt your brain, Hedi and Louise are amazing guides on how to do this!

Dedicated community

I personally live a clean eating lifestyle and so completely understand all the different issues involved in the challenge, from suffering headaches due to caffeine withdrawal to those moments of elation as you experience weight loss.

I truly care about my challengers and am always there for you, which is why once you’ve purchased the clean eating challenge guide, any questions or messages that you ask through the Facebook group are usually answered within minutes.

As a member, you can also interact with other people who are taking on the challenge at the same time as you. The group offers a true sense of community as everyone has the same goal. Fellow challengers often share their ups and downs over the course of the 3 months. You will be amazed at the level of mutual support that everyone brings to the group and lasting friendships are often formed.

Everyone’s welcome

The HeLo Health clean eating challenge is open to everyone and I’d love to welcome you to the HeLo Health family.

Whether you’re a stay at home mum, a student, a busy working professional or a fitness trainer, I’ve had thousands of people from a huge range of different backgrounds across the globe sign up to the challenge with some amazing results.

Perhaps you want to lose weight, improve your health or just change the way you think about food, buy the clean eating guide today and start the next 3 month challenge with us. Come and join my clean eating revolution, you won’t regret it!


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Ready for the Challenge?

Like what you read about clean eating? Want to lose weight and change your lifestyle? Excellent! Read on to join the HELO HEALTH clean eating challenge.

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