HeLo You

Louise is the founder of HeLo Health.

"I have been running the clean eating challenges since 2014. I have seen thousands of people take up the challenge who have lost weight, changed the way they eat and improved their life forever.

I am absolutely dedicated to eating food that is clean and spreading the word to help others. I follow a clean eating diet and understand all the ups and downs so I will be with you offering my support every hour of the 3 month clean eating challenge."

Hedi Hedi

Louise lives with her two children and partner.

She started running in 2009 after the birth of her daughter but eventually found her true passion at the gym. Bordering on near obsessional, Louise can now be found at the gym 5 or 6 days a week!

She has now competed in 2 fitness competitions as a muscle model and is training regularly for more competitions.

Louise first founded the clean eating challenge in January 2013 and has been passionately following a clean diet ever since.


Clean eating challenges that have been launched:


People who have joined the 3 month challenge:

2k and counting

New Clean Eating recipes created in a week:


Model fitness competitions that Louise has won:

4 and counting