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3 Month Clean Eating Challenge

£49.99 (eBook + Subscription)

Congratulations on taking the first step to a 'cleaner', healthier you.

This is the complete guide to our Clean Eating Challenge, where you will find all rules, recipes, tips and hints for a successful 3 months. I also include exclusive discounts with my favourite brands as well as amazing at home exercise plans to help tone that gorgeous new body of yours.

Terms & conditions apply.

Once you have paid, you will shortly receive an email with the Ebook attwachment pdf and the link to the dedicated Facebook group. Please follow that link and request to join.

After your 3 Month Clean Eating Challenge has successfully been completed, you will be invited to join our exclusive Graduates Group. For the monthly subscription of £9.99, you will be entitled to join future challenges, and in the Graduates Group you will:

- have access to live Q&A from Louise once a week
- be invited to join my exclusive mini challenges (both fitness and food related)
- have special once a month new fitness routines from Louise
- have discount codes from my favourite suppliers.
- have access to special Graduate only competitions and prize giveaways

Your membership can be cancelled at anytime.

If any problems please email us at

I look forward to meeting you on the private Facebook group for your challenge - and good luck!

Low Carb Dinners

£3.99 (eBook)

HeLo Health bring you mouth-watering new recipes that will keep you on track with your clean eating and get your taste buds excited!

I have outlined the principles of carb cycling and given an example of a daily food plan too - perfect to help weight and fat loss, especially once a plateau has been reached.

I hope you enjoy!

Cheats and Treats

£3.99 (eBook)

I know you will enjoy creating these delicious cheats and treats - I had a lot of fun coming up and taste testing them!
Sweet and delicious, all of these fabulous recipes are clean, so although I suggest you enjoy in moderation - you can have them guilt free!

Beautiful Breakfasts

£3.99 (eBook)

I have selected 19 delicious and nutritious recipes to give you inspiration in the morning.
Your mornings will never be dull again, and soon breakfast will become your favourite meal of the day.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Flat Tummy Secrets

£3.99 (eBook)

Hello and welcome to our Flat Tummy Secrets ebook.

Are you tired of not having the stomach you have always dreamt of? Want to know the secret of those 'lucky' people who have a washboard tummy? Then this is the ebook for you.